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Resuscitation legend John Hinds talks about the consequences of our actions in resuscitation.

He discusses resuscitative emergency thoracotomies and the philosophy and mindset required by the practitioner rather than the technicalities of how to perform it.

As John says, trying to find the fault in a wiring loom of a ZX10 is difficult. Opening a chest is not. But it has been built up to be such a heroic procedure that we’re stopping people doing it.

John discusses a case and the way it was discussed in the ensuing mortality meeting. He breaks down the personalities you see in these meetings – the sycophants, supporters, the skeptics and coins the phrase #resuswankers.

The hardest part of a resuscitative thoracotomy is not making the first cut – it’s dealing with the #resuswankers.

Using simulation, optimising logistics and training the team effectively John managed to change the culture in an institution. This translated into an incredible save.

Take home points include:

  • Prepare. Know the evidence.
  • Make your intentions honourable.
  • Do it.
  • Seek out the skeptics.
  • Never allow a wanker to bring you down.

He does this with his usual dry wit, genuine passion and refreshing modesty that have made him so popular.

To see how mating hippos and batman are of relevance, you’ll have to watch the talk.

John will be dearly missed by our community and this talk shows you why.

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