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Education Theory for the Clinician by Sherbino

A summary by Jonathan Sherbino:

This podcast is a (futile) attempt to translate for clinicians key theories from the field of medical education and the discipline of cognitive psychology. In other words, if you are a health professional who teaches or supervises learners, this podcast provides some foundational evidence that will improve the quality and efficiency of your approach. As a teaser… I suggest adult learning theory is NOT a theory.

In the first section – How We Learn – these key concepts are discussed:

– Knowledge is personally constructed, and not simply transferred from the teacher to the learner.
– Recall is better for learning than repetitively reading content (e.g. flash cards beat highlighting a text)

In the second section – How We Teach – these key concepts are discussed:

– Altering the sequence of information can improve learning (i.e. you can hack your memory by changing the order of information)
– Emotional activation is key. Not too much, not necessarily positive.

In the final section these myths are debunked:

– Learning styles
– Multitasking

For bonus material check out the ICE (International Clinician Educator) blog

(link to specific post: )

If you’re interested in learning more about medical education literature, check out the KeyLIME Podcast (Key Literature in Medical Education) on iTunes.

The Podcast

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