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Guess or Gestalt?

by Simon Carley:

What is it that makes a great emergency physician? Is it skills and knowledge? Perhaps, but Simon Carley would argue that it is how we handle difficult decisions in time poor, information light situations. In this talk Simon Carley talks about why thinking about thinking (Metacognition) and why this is an essential skill for the emergency physician.

He explores the origins and concepts around Gestalt and explains how it may be a manifestation of how we process qualitative information in the ED alongside more traditional quantitative data such as pulse and blood pressure.

Gestalt and judgement are clearly tools that we use, but can they be taught?

The answer is, well probably. It may be possible to practice and train our micro skills in thinking and thus improve our clinical practice. Suggestions on how to do this with exercises in the ED, by reading and reflection are given.

You can read more about Gestalt and Metacognition on the St.Emlyn’s website.

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