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Emerging Toxicology

Summary by: Steve Aks

Poisons and novel agents are a moving target in the clinical arena. This talk begins with a historical look at decontamination and pitfalls that have been discovered along the way. The advent of intubation and critical care was a major boon in the improvement in mortality from poisoning. The Scandinavian Method is described and is an important lesion to this day. The rise of antidotes is mentioned.

Emerging drugs are highlighted in the context of where we have come from. The phenylethylamine compound structure and corresponding variants are described. The importance of the principles of supportive care as learned in the Scandinavian method is emphasized. Other emerging topics including synthetic cannabinoids, and anti-NMDA receptor antagonists are discussed. Emerging interventions of prescription naloxone, and ED ECMO are outlined. High vigilance for new agents, and innovative treatments will enable clinicians deal with these evolving trends.

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