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Making Teams Work – Chris Hicks

Making Teams Work – Chris Hicks

In Chris Hicks talk Making Teams work, Hicks discusses the systematic failures in training ourselves and our trainees for chaotic situations. He challenges the assumptions that people learn over time by osmosis (by just watching) and debunks the idea that by watching physicians will become skilled at soft non-technical skills.
Hicks goes on to discuss what makes a high performing team – touching on;
  • Shared mental model of team and task.
  • Implicit co-ordination/communication
  • And, how to create this in an ad hoc team.
Hicks then discusses emergency specific team training and the results they are seeing by implementing programs such as; CREW Training – Crisis Resources Emergency Workers, Stress Inoculation Training and Mental Simulation Training. Hicks finished by explaining how best physicians and medical staff can implement these trainings and skills into the real world practice.

The Podcast

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