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What I learned from Dr John Hinds

Summary by: Fred MacSorley

Allow me to introduce to you this extraordinarily talented doctor. John Hinds became involved in our motorcycle racing medical team as a medical student and progressed to inspirational teacher and natural leader. He had a burning passion for improving the care of the injured and on qualification it was evident he was destined for greatness within the world of critical care. In his role as Delta 7 for the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and as a travelling doctor at motorcycle races in Ireland Doc John brought the highest standards of care and compassion to the most unfortunate at their hour of greatest need. I took this young man as my pupil teaching him the role of motorcycle doctor and quickly realised this exceptional doctor was truly special. In truth the pupil quickly became the master and I had the privilege of 15 years of working alongside him as his wingman.

Fred McSorley – What I learned from John Hinds from Social Media and Critical Care on Vimeo.

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