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Final challenge - Northern vrs Southern hemispheres

Northern Hemisphere vrs Southern. Two teams put it all on the line in the ultimate challenge, testing their knowledge, skills, communication and teamwork in a three section extravaganza. SMACCDUB speakers will test them on content from talks they’ve just given, serving to distill the finer points they wanted to convey. The teams will then test their non-technical skills in a crisis resource management challenge – not only against one another but also against a team of “gladiators” (SMACCDUB speakers / celebs), followed by a debrief from Vic Brazil. Finally the teams will run a procedure gauntlet, having to demonstrate key learning points on their procedures as well as beat the clock. The winners walk away with fame, glory, SMACC ’17 tickets and much more. The losers face the ultimate Irish punishment: a leprechaun pie attack. Hosted by Harris, Nickson and Flower, and with an all-star faculty, this is one you have to see. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll cheer. And you’ll definitely learn something!

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