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Day 3

I share how setting up an emergency department at a public tertiary hospital resulted in contributing to improving a district primary care system improvement program in Malawi. The linkage between performance of a health system can affect the community’s health seeking behaviour is discussed. Insight to how improving patient care pathways can assist in creating patient centred efficient and effective emergency care provision will be shared.

Mulinda Nyirenda

Dr Nyirenda is a chief specialist in emergency and internal medicine in Malawi. She has pioneered the adoption of emergency care integration in the Malawian health care system by establishing the first adult emergency department in Malawi. She started undergraduate and postgraduate emergency medicine training programs at the College of Medicine in the University of Malawi. She believes health care is best delivered through teamwork and so contributes to equipping and empowering skilled and semi-skilled health workers contributing to provision of emergency care provision in the district health system. She believe in providing evidence to guide practice by participating in clinical research covering the scope of acute care, infectious diseases, medical education, medical informatics and technology, and health care systems. She advocates for appropriately contextualized Emergency Care System strengthening across the African Continent within the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM).


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