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Day 2

This session will talk about cognitive bias and risk management. My extreme sports seem like extreme risk to many people but I have survived 20 years in these disciplines following risk management strategies learned in critical care medical environments. I am interested in the role cognitive biases play in every day and critical decision pathways. In particular I am interested in the Affect Heuristic. My talk borrows from my extreme sport and critical care experience to highlight the role that fear plays in every decision we make and how we can lessen the emotional bias of the Affect Heuristic. It will be a fun and visually spectacular presentation.

Dr Glenn Singleman

Dr Glenn Singleman is a fellow of Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. He has worked as the doctor on many remote environment expeditions to places like Antarctica, Himalaya, Deep Ocean, Irian Jaya, Andes and the Simpson desert. He currently works in metropolitan ICU in Sydney and Aboriginal Medical services outback. He is also an extreme sportsperson practicing sports like wing suit skydiving, rock climbing, mountaineering, ultra marathon running etc.


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