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Day 2

Incisive molecular imaging has the potential to delineate key pathophysiological processes in vivo in situ. This talk will outline the work to date and approaches being taken by the Proteus team in Edinburgh ( to develop optical molecular imaging for pulmonary pathology. In particular advances in sensing infection, inflammation and fibrogenesis and in developing sensing technology that could help to better understand diverse processes. Interdisciplinarity, team work, industrial collaboration and commercialisation are all fundamental components of the research push.

Kev Dhaliwal

Kev Dhaliwal is Professor of Molecular Imaging & Healthcare Technology and Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine in Edinburgh. He leads the clinical translational activities of PROTEUS (@EPSRC_Proteus) which is the UK’s largest biophotonics healthcare project, developing novel tools and technologies for respiratory critical care and interventional medicine. He is passionate about interdisciplinary research and also accelerating pathways for development, commercialisation and adoption of healthcare technology and leveraging the power of TEAM SCIENCE.


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