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At the recent SMACC conferences in Berlin and Dublin we used some geometric symbolism to reinforce a key theme for the meeting.

In Berlin the symbol was a circle. This represented the cycle of mastery and featured highly in the opening ceremony, the stage design and the name badges.

Similarly, in Dublin the symbol was a dodecahedron representing the complex connections in our FOAMcc group and again this featured widely throughout the conference.

In Sydney, we have chosen water as a key theme because it not only represents Sydney so aptly, but also because it is an element essential to life. The SMACC Sydney program has four stems generated by you (the delegates) and we think these stems represent our humanity as health care providers.

1: People and Planet – Our role as medical advocates (Green)

2: Bedside Critical Care – The medical care we provide (Red)

3: Science and Innovation – Importance of change & creativity in better care (Blue)

4: Learning and Culture – How we work, learn and communicate (Yellow)

The ancient alchemy symbol for water is an inverted triangle and we have chosen this triangle in 4 different colours (Green / Red / Blue / Yellow) to represent the four stems of the program as displayed above. You’ll recognise this triangle in the name badges, the exhibition hall, the stage and opening ceremony as well as the colours.

Importantly we also love that this symbol pays respect to the long-standing history of diversity and the resilience of marginalised communities. SMACC is occurring during March – the month of Mardi Gras in Sydney, and what better way to combine everything we stand for than to pay homage to the recent successes of Australian society in moving closer to equality and celebration of diversity – concepts that we enshrine in our ethos at SMACC.

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