Day One – Monday, 11 March 2013

Registration Desk Open
Opening Ceremony
Resuscitation PlenaryChair: Roger Harris Twitter Moderator: Oliver Flower
The Essence of Critical Care: Upstairs Care, Anywhere!Scott Weingart
“Crashing” SepsisSimon Finfer
Catecholamines, Resuscitation and Resurrection: Fact and FictionJohn Myburgh
Making Things HappenCliff Reid

CONCURRENT 1: Paediatric SMACCdown

Chair: Mike Cadogan

When Enough is Enough

Andrew Numa

Neonatal Nightmares

Mary McCaskill


Chair:Cliff Reid

There will be Blood!

Cath Hurn


CONCURRENT 4: SonoMythbusters

Chair: Matthew MacPartlin

CONCURRENT 5: SMACC Year in Review

Chair: Simon Finfer

ICU in Review

Ian Seppelt

EM in Review

Richard Paoloni

FOAM in Review

Kane Guthrie


Chair: Oliver Flower

Joe Lex
Scott Weingart
Mike Cadogan
Simon Carley
Chris Nickson
Nadie Levick
SMACC Q&A Panel Questions and Discussion Only
Future of Education PlenaryChair: Chris Nickson Twitter Moderator: Matt MacPartlin
From Hippocrates to Osler to FOAMJoe Lex
Technology Versus LearningVictoria Brazil
Educational Leadership and SubversionSimon Carley
Panel Discussion on ‘FOAM/ Social Media – Building a Road Map’Panel: Victoria Brazil, Mike Cadogan, Simon Carley, Joe Lex, Chris Nickson, Ming Le Cong, Anthony Holley

Day Two – Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Registration Desk Open
Opening Ceremony
Social Media and Critical Care PlenaryChair: Chris Nickson Twitter Moderator: Minh Le Cong
Forget Social Media… Get #FOAMed!Mike Cadogan
Path to InsanityScott Weingart
Anarchy in the UKSimon Carley
An Old Dog Learning New TricksJoe Lex
Be Seen, Be Heard (The View from Google/YouTube)Kia Wahl

CONCURRENT 7: Lessons for Us All

Chair: Oliver Flower

Lessons from the Classics

Michelle Johnston

CONCURRENT 8: Social Media & Tech

Chair: Mike Cadogan

Present Better with Tech

Victoria Brazil

Achieving Quality in FOAMed

Tony Burrell


CONCURRENT 10: Free Papers

Chair: Minh Le Cong

Learnmed – A Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise Delivering Online Education

Tessa Davis

Text Messaging from the ICU to Alleviate Bereaved Feelings of Isolation, Despair and Loneliness

Margaret Hansen

Social Media and the Medical Profession: A Guide to Social Media for Doctors and Medical Students – Two Years On and What Has Changed?

Hugh Stephens

PK Winner Session

The #Interncrisis Social Media Campaign

David Townsend & Aaron Sparshott

International Urology Journal Club Via a Social Media Micro- Blogging Platform – An Online Pilot Project

Isaac Thangasamy

CONCURRENT 11: Free Papers

Chair: Andy Baker

Improving Prehospital Care in Rural Australia – Time to Borrow From Overseas Models?

Tim Leeuwenburg

The Correlation and Agreement Between Prehospital and Emergency Department Vital Signs in Trauma Patients

Matthew Oliver

Integrating E-Learning with Face to Face Teaching in Paediatric Life Support Training – RESUS4KIDS

Kathryn McGarvey

EdWISE: Education by Web and Video Based Innovative Simulation and E-Learning

Morgan Sherwood

The Effect of Human Factors Training on the Confidence of Emergency Department Staff to Function in a Multi- Disciplinary Clinical Team

David Bleetman

EPlanning for the Future: Modelling Daily Emergency Department Presentations in an Australian Capital City

Fern McAllan

CONCURRENT 12: Free Papers

Chair:Anthony Tzannes

Comparison of Sonographic Windows and Probe Orientation for Measuring the Inferior Vena Cava Diameter in Assessing Intravascular Status

Victor Uwagboe & Justin Bowra

Shift Reporting in the Emergency Department

Nadia Husain

Cumulative Radiation Dose from Medical Imaging in Adult Intensive Care Unit Patients

Dimity McCracken

The Anatomic Relationship of the Femoral Artery and Femoral Vein in Adult Emergency Department Patients

Stephen Carroll

Half of All Peripheral Iv Cannulas in an Australian Tertiary Ed are Unused

Ezra Limm

A Comparison of Toxicological Trends in Deliberate Self-Poisoning Cases Presenting to Emergency Departments in a Centre in Perth, Western Australia and in Dublin, Ireland

Una Nic Ionmhain

SonoGames PlenaryChair/Judges: Matthew MacPartlin, James Rippey, Sharon Kay, Adrian Goudie
GALA DINNER, Doltone House

Day Three – Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Registration Desk Open
Opening Ceremony
The Mind of the Resuscitationist PlenaryChair: Oliver Flower Twitter Moderator: Matthew MacPartlin
Mind of the ResuscitationistScott Weingart
All Doctors are JackassesChris Nickson
Wrestling with RiskSimon Carley

CONCURRENT 13: Neuro & Imaging

Chair: Matthew MacParlin

CONCURRENT 14: Know your Weapons

Chair: Minh Le Cong

Has Video Killed the Laryngoscope Star?

Toby Fogg

CONCURRENT 15: The Heart of the Matter

Chair: Roger Harris

Taking the Pain Out of ACS

Louise Cullen

Prevention Over Cure: Can High Risk Cardiac Surgery Save the Balloon Pump?

Ed Litton


CONCURRENT 16: All Things Are Poison

Chair: Chris Nickson

Does Antivenom Work?

Geoff Isbister

Paracetamol: More Than Meets the Eye

Nick Buckley

Tropical Toxicology: Lessons for the Developed World

Andrew Dawson

Its ‘Natural’ Therefore it Must Be Safe – Do We Really Ask About What Else People Are Ingesting

Mark Little

CONCURRENT 17: Get Ready for Combat!

Chair: Anthony Holley

SNAFU and FUBAR? Communication in the Heat of Battle

Victoria Brazil

You Can’t Handle the Truth: Why Can’t Nurses Take Command?

Sarah Webb

Courage Under Fire

John Vassiliadis

Guerilla Sim: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone

Jon Gatward

CONCURRENT 18: Seconds from Disaster

Chair: Cliff Reid

Crack to Cure

Scott Weingart

Airway Clean Kills

Minh Le Cong

Anaphylaxis – The Dying Breaths

Gerard Fennessy

Final Moments Caught on Film

Simon Dimmick

SimWars PlenaryChair/Judges: Scott Weingart, Cliff Reid, Jon Gatwood, iSimulate, John Vassiliadis
From Hippocrates to Osler to FOAM Joe Lex
Technology Versus LearningVictoria Brazil
Educational Leadership and SubversionSimon Carley
Panel Discussion on ‘FOAM/ Social Media – Building a Road Map’Panel: Victoria Brazil, Mike Cadogan, Simon Carley, Joe Lex, Chris Nickson, Ming Le Cong, Anthony Holley
SMACC Awards and Closing Ceremony

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