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SMACC has evolved with a desire to translate high quality Critical Care education from the conference environment to the bedside and in doing so, to improve the care of our patients.  On reflection it is no surprise that our FOAMcc community has embraced this desire, given that our community is so deeply patient focused. Hundreds of people have given countless hours freely to this project in the true spirit of FOAM. Thousands have attended the conferences and millions have listened to the podcasts, watched the videos or engaged in discussions on social networks.

So, it is with a mixture of sadness and optimism that the SMACC organising committee has unanimously decided that Sydney 2019 will be the last SMACC conference.

Sadness because SMACC means so much to many in our community (the organising committee as much as anyone) and we feel that this chapter is ending.  But optimism, because we look forward to the next chapter and the new ventures to come. What we have all achieved together is difficult to measure tangibly, but there is no doubt that our community is closer, stronger and more inclusive than ever. The energy, enthusiasm, innovation and commitment to improving the sharing of knowledge will go on.

The organising committee has never sought to just deliver one meeting after another without purpose or passion. There has been too much heart and soul given to SMACC to allow that to occur. We feel that it is time to stop, reflect and explore what that next chapter should look like. While this is the end of the SMACC conference as you know it, we remain committed to the FOAMcc community and its evolution, and look forward to sharing new projects with you soon.

With that in mind, we are completely committed to making the final SMACC the best yet. What better way to celebrate the adventure than with a stellar meeting back where it all began in Sydney in March 2013. The academic program is our strongest yet, with new speakers, content and a wider variety of workshops catering to every individual’s learning needs.  The venue and Sydney itself are of course world class and we are sure the ICC theatre will evoke that trademark excitement SMACC has come to be known for.  The social program takes in the best Sydney has to offer and there are plenty of suggestions for travellers wishing to explore beyond Sydney. Our initiatives like SMACCJunior (student volunteers) and SMACCReach (sponsored delegates from less advantaged regions) are to be more inclusive, to say nothing of our competitions providing more ways for everyone to be involved.

So this is it! Make sure you get to Sydney and help us send SMACC off with a tear and cheer.

Thank you all for the support and commitment you have shown towards SMACC over the years.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or chat to us on Twitter or Facebook. See you in Sydney!

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