Day One – Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Defying DeathChair: Michaela Cartner
Twitter Moderator: Natalie May
Timing, Tribes and STEMIs

Victoria Brazil

Triumph Over TraumaKarim Brohi
Own the Airway!Richard Levitan
Cutting Edge Intra-Arrest CareScott Weingart


Chair: Chris Bowles

Could it be Poison?

Mark Little

Life and Death at Extremes

Chair: Natalie May

Hardcore Haemodynamics

Chair: Roger Harris

Tech Wizardry or Gizmo Idolatry?

Chair: Tessa Davis

Gadgets and Sim

Jon Gatward

Dogma, Lies and Videotape

Chair: Michelle Johnston

Evolution, Adaptation and the Critically Ill

Chair: Rob Mac Sweeney

Euboxia and (ab) Normality

Chris Nickson

Before and Beyond the Hospital

Chair: Minh Le Cong

Precious Bodily Fluids and the Kidney

Chair: Michaela Cartner

Nutrition and Nephro-Protection

Gordon Doig

Flipping the Classroom Chair: Simon Carley
Twitter Moderator: Lauren Westafer
Back to the Bedside: The Future of Face-to-Face TeachingRob Rogers
Evidence-Based Education: What Works?Victoria Brazil
Evaluating EducationDamian Roland

Day Two – Tuesday, 20 March 2014

What Is Possible, What is Reasonable, What is Best?Chair: Victoria Brazil
Twitter Moderator: Oliver Flower
Panel Participants: Ray Raper, Steve Philpot, John Hinds, Rachael Pery-Johnston, Bill Lukin, David Anderson, Greg Kelly, Liz Crowe

Sepsis Sucks!

Chair: Irma Bilgrami

Ain’t Got Time to Bleed…

Chair: Cath Hurn

New Ways to Bleed: Novel Anticoagulants

Joe Lex

The Seat of the Soul

Chair: Celia Bradford

Sick Cells and Critically Ill Organs

Chair: Imogen Mitchell 

The smaccGOLD Forum

Airway & Prehospital

Chair: Minh Le Cong, John Vassiliadis

Free Papers & PK

Diffuse Apnoeic Oxygenation

Yashvi Wimalasena

Shaken, Not Stirred!

Denise Blake

Phone a Friend, Telemedicine for Paramedics

John Glasheen

PK Talk


Chair: Casey Parker, Chris Nickson

Teaching Trauma Beyond ATLS

Andy Buck

Free Papers & PK

Innovating Medical Education

Ali Gould

Effectiveness of FOAMed

Tiffany Moadel

Use of Smartphones for Clinical Communication in Critical Care

Christopher Barlow

PK Talk

Education Q&A: Joe Lex, Victoria Brazil, Rob Rogers, Jon Gatward, Lauren Westafer, Irma Bilgrami

Intensive Care

Chair: Michaela Cartner,  Anthony Holley

Free Papers & PK

Early Sepsis Prophylaxis

Todd Slesinger

PIRO: Predicting Mortality in Sepsis

Stephen Macdonald

12 Month Review of MET

Umesh Shah

ROTEM: Science and Logistics

James Winearls, Tony Ghent

PK Talk

ICU Clinical Q&A: Jeff Lippman, Steve Philpot, Deirdre Murphy, Imogen Mitchell, John Myburgh, Ray Raper

Emergency Medicine

Chair: Michelle Johnston, Cliff Reid

Debate – High Sensitivity Troponin: Friend or Foe?

Cullen vs Body

Free Papers & PK

Spread of Infection Via Ultrasound

Matthew Keys

Tactics and Medicine

Samantha Bendall

Measuring IVC Diameter

Victor Uwagboe

PK Talk

Sonowars – World War Sono: Northern vs Southern Hemisphere

Chair: Lewis Macken

Northern Hemisphere: Matt Dawson & Mike Mallin (Ultrasound Podcast)

Southern Hemisphere: James Rippey & Adrian Goudie (Sonocave)

Plus special finalists from the sonochallenge

Day Three – Wednesday, 21 March 2014

Resuscitationists Rejoice!Chair: Michelle Johnston

Twitter Moderator: Natalie May

Cutting Edge Damage ControlKarim Brohi
The Art and Science of Fluid ResponsivenessHaney Mallemat
Save a Life, Cut to Air!Scott Weingart
When Should Resuscitation Stop?Cliff Reid

Airways For All

Chair: Cliff Reid

Airway Dogmalysis

Richard Levitan

Understanding Airways

Keith Greenland

Debate – “Should Real Airway Docs Use Checklists?”

Tim Leeuwenberg (PRO) vs Minh Le Cong (CON)

Cardiovascular Catastrophes

Chair: Oliver Flower

Cardiac Surgery…Then Cardiac Arrest

Michaela Cartner

The Bedside Scientists

Chair: Matt Mac Partlin

The Bedside Physiologist

Yogesh Apte

Prediction in Critical Care: Science, Art or Foolishness?

David Pilcher

Resuscitation Science and the Bedside

Stephen Bernard

Communication and Crises

Chair: Victoria Brazil

Through the Patient’s Eyes

Imogen Mitchell

You’ve Made a Mistake…Now What?

Stuart Lane

Curse and Laugh Your Way Through Surviving Critical Care

Liz Crowe

Talking at the Death

Steve Philpot

Outback, the Bush & Beyond

Chair: Minh Le Cong

Life and Death in the Red Centre

Penny Stewart

May the Probe be With You – In the Future

Chair: Lewis Macken

Last Breaths

Chair: Matt Mac Partlin

The Patient Has a Tracheostomy, What Could Go wrong?

Georgina Harris

‘Can’t Ventilate, No Hospital’

Anthony Lewis

Reading the Vent Like an ECG

Irma Bilgrami

Little People, Big Problems

Chair: Tessa Davis

Alien Airways: Neonates and Small Children

Richard Levitan

SimWarsChairs: John Vassiliadis, Jon Gatward
Judges: Michaela Cartner, Sarah Webb, Chris Nickson, Anthony Lewis, Victoria Brazil

Teams championed/coached by: Cliff Reid, Scott Weingart, Simon Carle

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