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SMACC has built a reputation for being the leader in Critical Care conference innovation with delegates making this clear by their support. In Berlin 2017, Das SMACC sold out the 2500 delegate registrations within a few hours, several months before the event.

The SMACC conference provides the highest quality of Critical Care education and is guaranted to innovate and inspire. We have the most engaging, informative and inspiring educational presentations. Together, let’s make SMACC stand aside from the other Critical Care conferences and that’s the key – ‘Together’.

SMACC began as a physical manifestation of an online community that were united in their vision of creating high quality, free, open-access medical education (FOAMed) for the critical care community. The driving force behind SMACC has always been to Educate, Inspire, Innovate and Connect delegates.

SMACC is also a health promotion charity. All the content from our conferences is freely available to anyone, anywhere and we want as many people as possible to hear the fantastic talks our speakers have given. We are not-for-profit and the organising committee gives their time freely and receives no financial benefit. We believe the philanthropic and honest motivation behind our mission partially explains the success.

SMACC has seen spectacular growth since its humble beginnings. The conference has grown from an enthusiastic idea into a global leader amongst critical care events. Whilst SMACC is primarily a high quality, academic meeting, the real reason behind this growth is the enormous and inspiring energy of the critical care community itself. SMACC crosses traditional hierarchies, professional barriers and international borders. It is a community that is centred on the pursuit of excellence in patient care and a passion for sharing this as widely as possible.

How is SMACC different?

SMACC puts you, the delegate, first.

Following Das SMACC in Berlin, we received almost one thousand feedback surveys. We have carefully analysed these and looked for any trends in the comments regarding every aspect of the meeting from the speakers’ performances, the cost of registration, the overall culture at the conference and the content of the sessions. The trends of this feedback now shape the conference going forward. SMACC is truly “the delegates’ conference” and we differ from other meetings in several ways:

  1. Single stream:

Das SMACC, in Berlin was our first experiment with single stream and it was very well received. Delegates enjoyed being together as a group and felt that they were exposed to a broad selection of hugely relevant content they may not have otherwise experienced had there been multiple streams. Importantly, feedback identified a greater need for the amount of time allocated for questions from the floor to ensure ample opportunity to connect speakers and delegates. This will be addressed in the Sydney 2019 program.

  1. Program Vision:

The main conference will be engaging, immersive and relevant to all who work in critical care. This will be complemented by a wide range of workshops in the two days preceding the conference covering even more of your specific areas of interest. We believe this will allow you to create an experience that satisfies your individual learning needs.

  1. Main program content development:

Feedback identified four key themes that resonated with most delegates, which include

  • Bedside Practice: Evidence based clinical updates
  • Learning and Culture: Teaching, communicating, team work, learning
  • Science & Innovation: New horizons
  • People and Planet: The big issues facing health care providers

One session each day will be dedicated to each of these four stems. Each theme will develop in a coherent way over the three days of the program.

SMACC prides itself on tackling the difficult issues, that other conferences avoid. This has proven to be popular, memorable and powerful.

  1. Diversity

We are proud that SMACC leads the way in the medical conference field, in striving to reflect the diversity of our delegates in our faculty. In Sydney we will have 50% female faculty but more importantly we look beyond only gender imbalances to more broadly reflect the geographical, economic, and professional groups our delegates represent. We also continue to focus on introducing a large proportion of new speakers with fresh, diverse voices.

  1. Culture

As well as promoting diversity, innovation and community, SMACC has been one of the first medical conferences to develop and promote a “Code of Conduct” for faculty and delegates. We want to ensure SMACC is an environment where all our community feels comfortable, both at the event and online. SMACC was also the first medical conference to provide on-site childcare for delegates.

  1. Social Responsibility

SMACC has fostered a wonderful student Volunteer community (SMACC Junior) which has enhanced the whole SMACC community. Delegates also donate to a student bursary, which is open to all students attending SMACC to assist them in their travel expenses.

In addition to this we are proud to announce that in 2019 SMACC will commence a program to sponsor delegates from regions including Africa, South America, South Pacific and remote Australia to attend Sydney 2019.

So if you want to attend a conference that is truly different, a conference that aims to inspire as well as educate, a conference not afraid to focus on the “Big Issues” that affect us all and one where you can tailor-make your own learning experience… then SMACC is for you. But more importantly, if you want to be heard and to feel part of a critical care community that is focused on caring for patients and each other – then you can’t miss SMACC Sydney March 25-29 2019.

On behalf of the SMACC OC

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