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  • What are they?
  • What can they do for me?
  • Which ones should I start with?
  • How do I build my own trusted critical care blog library?
  • Don’t be shy if these are questions that run through your head.

This podcast will help you out.

And if it leaves you feeling creative, there’s some pointers on how to get started hosting your own critical care blog.



Blog and Blogging Resources

Critical care blogs to get you started

(These are just a sample of the great sites that are out there)

Critical Care Reviews

Resus ME

EM Crit

Life In The Fast Lane

St Emlyns


PHARM: Prehospital And Retrieval Medicine

Don’t Forget The Bubbles

The Trauma Professional’s Blog

Amal Mattu’s Emergency EKG of the Week

Dr Smith’s ECG Blog


Blogging resources

(Note: No payment, royalty or fee has been taken from any of the resources mentioned below. They are simply the sites and resources I have found useful when setting up and maintaining the sites I have been involved with – Matthew)

WordPress – a site hosting and editing provider (Free and paid options)

Yola – a site hosting and editing provider (Free and paid options)

Mail Chimp – a website or blog newsletter service (Paid service)

Vimeo – a video hosting service provider (Free and paid options)

Screencast-O-Matic – a video screen capture provider (Free and paid options)

Libsyn – a podcast hosting service (Paid service)

SoundCloud – a podcast hosting service (Free as long as they are short)

Audacity – audio file editing software (Free to download and use)

NCH WavePad – audio file editing software (Free to download but pay to use)

NCH VideoPad – video file editing software (Free to download but pay to use)

Twitter – a social networking service (Free)

Google Plus – a social networking service (Free with a Google account)

Google Analytics – a website traffic monitoring service (Free with a Google account, though your site does not have to be hosted by Google)

The Video


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