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Innovating Medical Education

Summary by: Alice

Larry Chu takes a step back from the clinical side of things to discuss Innovating Medical Education. Dr Larry Chu is an Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology and the Executive Director of Stanford Medicine X. Medicine X is an initiative from the Stanford AIM lab. It is a project aimed at promoting new ideas for the future of medicine, healthcare and education using emerging technologies. It focuses on empowering patients to participated in their own healthcare and improving medical education and training to focus more on patient-centered medicine. Each year, Medicine X holds a conference in which they explore theses themes.

In 2015 the team from Stanford held a spin-off conference called Medicine X Ed. This conference focused on the future of medical education and the role of technology in educational innovation as well as continuing the theme of the changes that are fundamental for establishing more patient-focused health care. This conference was held in September 2015.

At SMACC Chicago, Larry Chu shared a sneak-peak into some of the exciting medical education innovations that were going to be explored at Medicine X Edu. During his talk, Larry Chu shared insights into why traditional teaching methods don’t work for millennials aka gen Y, the successful educational programs being used in the US for their anaesthetics trainees and new ideas for structuring the delivery of effective medical education.


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