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How Ultrasound Makes You Better

Summary by: Resa Lewiss

In the evaluation of an emergency and critical care patient, the provider accounts for the chief complaint, the relevant history and the physical examination. With the evolution of Point-of-Care Ultrasound protocols and algorithms, such as the RUSH protocol or the BLUE protocol, the provider now can organize differential diagnoses and treatment options by integrating point-of-care ultrasound interpretations. However, these are not absolutes. These are probabilities. Although we are following recipes, we must never forget to be creative. And, we actually crave creativity. Studies support that handwork such as gardening, wood working, knitting can decrease stress, anxiety, and improve your mood. Perhaps work which requires meaningful hand use may contribute to your creativity- to your following algorithms and delivering more optimal patient centered care. Emergency and critical care medicine can be formulaic- following an algorithm, a pathway, or a protocol. Point-of-care ultrasound may offer the ability to be creative and increase the accuracy of diagnoses and treatment plans.


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