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A Synopsis by Peter Brindley:

The battle is on…who will win out: the heroic healthcare individual or the faceless safety checklist?

Well, obviously, it’s not that simple…but, then again, nor is it that complicated. We need to harness the best of both and this talk hopes to strike that balance. This requires a discussion of human strengths and weaknesses, and ditto for computers and checklists.

This talk hopes to ensure that the Human Factor is always a factor, and to suggest what can be learnt if we understand healthcare in sociology and psychology terms. It also hopes to explain why a team of experts is not necessarily an expert team, and why our verbal dexterity is likely our greatest skill or liability. This talk offers practical examples of how to improve teamwork, communication, situational awareness, resource utilization and decision making, in other words, our crisis management skills.

While it is time to stop searching for simple answers to complex problems, it is also time to stop ignoring all those lessons that can be learnt from others. Above all this talk hopes to put the patient’s needs back where they belong: at the very centre of a complex, beguiling, but also magnificent health system.

If this talks fails in that noble goal then the speaker wants to hear from you: he doesn’t want to be wrong a moment longer than is absolutely necessary

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