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The golden hour of meningitis involves rapid identification, workup, and treatment. In most cases, the diagnosis of meningitis is not a diagnostic dilemma but the workup and treatment is not as straightforward. This scintillating talk will address the challenges during the workup including who needs a CT before the LP, which labs to send during the initial workup, and how specialized labs such as CSF lactate, procalcintonin, and fungitell may help in the workup. Treatment problems addressed include the need and timing of steroids and when to pull the trigger on antibiotics considering their potential effect on the ability obtain accurate cultures. Also discussed is the ever-popular question of who needs prophylaxis when exposed to a patient with meningitis. Along the way, you will be blown away by a unique review of the common causes of meningitis and cool real-life pictures of brains, bugs, and brains on bugs.

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